Doreen Primary Shcool


We are turning
1868 - 2018

We are 150 years old this year and will be having a day of Celebration on Sunday 28th October.  There will be lots of activities and things to see during the day including music performances from past and present students, a display of our student's artwork, and the burying of a time capsule. There be food and drink for sale throughout the day, and we will also be selling commemorative items.

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As part of this celebration we are also inviting past and present families the opportunity to purchase either a brick with family names or a paver with hand drawn design. We are then going to use these bricks and pavers to make an entrance way at the drop off area of the school. We will have this entrance completed by the 150th celebration day.
At the 150th day we will again make these  available for purchase for visitors, and we will use these bricks and pavers to construct an entrance at the bottom car park entrance of the school.
Profits made will go straight into the construction cost of the entrances, and any extra will go towards building porticos for the entrances. 

Our students have been making clay items to be sold on our Celebration day. These include cup cakes, presents and cards