Doreen Primary School


General Enrolment Info


Doreen PS is a small country school with an enrolment cap of 150 students.  Our yearly Foundation grade intake is only 24, and we are accepting applications up to the 2022 school year.

Our criteria is as follow:

 Preference is given to those families living within our catchment area  (Click on link below to view) then to siblings of existing families.  After those requirements have been met we work by date of receipt of enrolment form, starting with the Doreen area and working our way out to other suburbs until we have reached our limit. As we have a high number of applications it is advantageous to get an enrolment form in as soon as possible so as to get that early date of receipt.  A link to our enrolment form is provided below.

Please note that we do not have a before and after school care program .

Should you wish to have a tour of our school you are most welcome to phone our office on 9717 3563 to make an appointment for a tour with our Principal. We are accepting enrolment forms up to the 2022 school year at the moment.


DPS Catchment area   
Student Enrolment Form