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Term 3 Clay  2020

During 3rd term our students are working with Clay.  The older students have made a vessel, the younger students have made ceramic faces, and the middle school students are making Jewellery. During the term they will have the chance to make lots of different pieces. We will put photos  here as they are completed.

Grade 4.5 & 6 Vessels

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Grade Prep, 1 & 2 Clay Faces

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Grade Prep, 1 & 2 Clay Play Day

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Grade 4,5 & 6 Carved Heads

Carved heads involved a new approach to working in clay. Instead of adding pieces  to form a shape the students had to cut away to make the nose protrude and form the shape they were after. We got some amazing results

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Miscellaneous Items

Grade Prep Crazy Hair

Grade preps used stickers to make faces on brown paper discs, then drew bodies.  Then they placed watery paint on the paper and blew it through a straw to make crazy hair.

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Prep 1 & 2 Portraits

Following instruction in Italian the students drew a face with basic features. Then using mirrors the observed their own features and added detail to the portrait to make it look like themselves.


More Prep and Grade 1 Portraits


More Grade 2 Portraits

Prep, 1 & 2 Workshop

Preps, 1 and 2s had a special treat in the art room while the older students were at camp. Grade 2 students used hammers and saws to create their 3D animal/person/Horse. Prep and grade 1 students used hammers, nails and glue.  Here are the results.

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Fabric Prints - Grade Prep, 1 & 2.

Students made a cardboard collage to use as a print board. They rolled the board with printing ink and used multiple colours to create their images that were printed on to fabric.

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Grade Prep, 1 & 2 Camouflage Collage

Grades Prep, 1 and 2 selected fabric to create a collage creature. They used soluble pastel and made a background based on the colour and pattern in the creature's body to camouflage the animal into the environment

Click here to see more of our fantastic camouflaged Creatures

Grade 2 Silhouette Sunset Pictures.

Students created a collage of a landscape using black paper to give a silhouette effect. They painted a sky using wild sunset colours. They arranged the silhouette onto the sky background.

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Grade 2 Charcoal

Our Grade 2 class coloured in with charcoal and then used an eraser to draw white lines into their picture.

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Grade 3 Water Soluble Pastel Pictures

Our Grade 3 class did used water soluble pastels to draw pictures of the streets of Italy. They worked from an A4 size photo o the streets in Rome and Florence to create these watery sketches.

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Grade 4 Fog Collage

We discussed the changing season and how in the cold mornings on the way to school you can see the fog snuggling down in the valleys. We made a collage of the Doreen landscape, tearing paper to make the hills and trees in the  background then gluing baking paper for fog over part of the background. Next we added more trees and hills for the middle ground, added more layers of fog and finished with a foreground layer of trees etc.  

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Grade 4 Drawing Exercise

Grade 4 students were given a photograph that was cut into two parts. They had to glue one of the pieces into their sketch books and draw the other half of the picture trying to match proportions, tone and colour.  

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Grade 4 Water Soluble Pastel Drawings

Water soluble pastels are fun to use because students find it easier to draw than paint. They design and colour the composition with the pastels and then add water with a paint brush and the pastel dissolves into paint.

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5 Still Life - Fruit Bowls

Students used real fruit and veg to print with a mixture of paint and glue. The fruit made intricate marks creating texture. They painted dye over the print to alter the colours and define shapes.

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Grade 5 and 6 Renaissance
Art and Italian Project 

Grade 5 & 6 students worked on a project in Italian and Art that involved selecting an artist from the 1500's or earlier to research. In Italian they learnt language to describe the artist and some of his work and using a model they wrote a description in the target language.
In Art they selected on of the artists major works and primed a board to make a copy of the chosen piece. They used acrylic paint and applied a floss varnish to the finished painting. Here of some results

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Grade 6 Silhouettes

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