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Here are some more clay items including those inspired by Ancient Chinese Houses


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Clay - Ming Ware

Mingware is known for perfectly proportioned white porcelain bowls with blue decoration.
Students are looking at Chinese history through art. Their ceramics this term reflect some of the qualities they are learning about through clay, panting, architecture and scroll making These are the first  pots to come through the firing process.

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Bridie   Georgia W

Here are two beautiful pots made by grade 6 students

In keeping with our Chinese theme our students have also been making dragon tiles. Here are some  samples.

Here are some more dragons.

 Grade 2 & 3 Papier Mache puppets.
Students found a stick in the playground and modelled a head with papier mache then used coloured paper to add the detail

Here are some samples of their work

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Here are some samples of our students sketchbooks at the end of Term 1.

Grade Prep Grade 3

Grade 4 & 5

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