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2021 Enrolment Info

Transition Days for 2021 Foundation (Prep) Class

 Due to the Current Covid 19 restrictions we are unable to run any of our transition days until term 4. We are planning to have one in late October, one in late November and a third in December but the dates of these cannot be confirmed until we know whether restrictions will still be in place. We will keep you up to date here, as well as send confirmation once we are able to set the dates.  

About our Transition Days
 We plan to run two half days and then a full one, and we mix around the days so as children can take part in our specialist classes.  They will also work with students from our upper grade, and will be forming “buddy” style relationships with students from our 2020 year 5 class. We have an extended transition program to ensure your child eases into school life. Children begin school full time as of the first day of Term One, 2021, and attend full time right from the start.  We found this successful in the past. Children leaving school after a short day often cause more problems than are solved for both parents and students. 
At the end of the 3 transition days, your child will receive a laminated sheet with pictures and names of their teachers and special buddy.

Our Foundation Year Teaching Staff

Mrs Colistra

Mrs Thomas

Our 2021 prep class is expected to have 24-26 students with two full time staff, Mrs Colistra, our wonderful Foundation Year teacher and Mrs Thomas, our equally wonderful teacher's aide.  These two make an amazing team and always keep our class engaged and achieving  great things. The photo on the right was taken at our 100 Days of School Celebrations.

Items Required for Transition day.
Change of Clothes (including undies)
Shoes that your child can manage. (Velcro recommended)
Morning Play lunch
Resealable Drink

 A full lunch will be required on the final transtion day.

2021 Term Dates

Term Dates
1 27th January to 1st April(Students start on 28th January)
2 19th April to 25th June
3 12th July to 17th September
4 4th October to 17th December


Prep Hours for the start of term 1
The Prep grade will attend school full time from the first day of term 1 (Tuesday 30th January).  A normal school day runs as follows:

9.00 Start of School Day
11.00 - 11.30 Morning Recess
1.30 - 2.30 Lunch
3.30  Finish of School Day 

Items required for the start of the school year.

Change of clothes
Art Smock (An old shirt works well)

All other items required are provided by the school. This includes all stationary, work books and reader folder.

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