Doreen Primary School


  2018 Animation

The theme if this year’s animation entry is Curiosity. To address the theme we have created a story line about the strange sounds made by musical instruments. Our entry is starting to take shape with some new brain twisting new techniques and interesting affects but is yet to be named.
At the start of the year we bought in a young musician called Finn who showed us lots of different instruments and played them in different ways to show us their capabilities.   From there we selected the instruments that we thought were the most curious and Finn developed a sound track for us to animate.
The students drew instruments and we selected some to be our characters and we have chosen a cello, trombone and ukulele to be the stars. The Prep, 1, 2, and 3 grades have drawn lots of music notes that we will animate.

Click here to see more musical notes drawn by the students

Our music teacher, Mrs A, has helped the grade 5 and 6 students to understand how the cello bow makes the sounds so that we can sync our animation to the sound track.  One of our ex students Jayden who has continued animation and gaming studies came to visit and helped us to use a new program called character animator. This program allows the student to act in front of the computer camera and the drawn character copies the movements. This sounds easy but the coding and setup process is quite complicated. Check out this video of our Cello

Click here to see our Cello

Here are some more snippets that will be used in our animation

Notes Cello

We will keep you posted on the progress of our animation