Doreen Primary School


  2017 Animation

Our 2017 animation is based on the theme “Time” and is the day in the life of an egg. It's still taking shape but already looks amazing. The final animation will be entered into Screen It 2017. The title of this animation is "An Eggstraordinary Day"

Check out our opening sequence here
(WMV 14.4Mb)

This is the first year we have gone on location to film our live footage.  We have used a number of processes including time lapse, green screen, computer animated drawings and stop frame animation. Here is a sample of how we combine these processes to tell our story.


Boys at Green Screen (WMV 15.4Mb)
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     Drawing of Boat
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      Boat in Water (WMV 12.5Mb)
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The boys were filmed in our studio fishing against the green screen. We used a drawing of a boat done in art class and modified in photo shop. Then layered  these together with live footage from the sea to set the scene for part of our egg’s journey.

Here is our finished animation.

Click here to view


We have done it again!!! "An Eggstraordinary Day" has been named as a finalist. Winners will be announced soon.